The airpiano is built from beautiful walnut wood, dark red acrylic glass and RoHS compliant components.



Here are the main hardware specifications:

* 8 infrared proximity sensors create up to 24 virtual keys and 8 virtual faders
* 40 LEDs provide easy orientation and visual feedback
* 1 momentary button allows switching between presets directly from the device
* ¼″ connector for using an expression pedal or a foot switch
* Power 9Vdc
* USB 2.0
* Dimensions: 960 x 160 x 26 mm ; Weight: 2.8 kg




The airpiano hardware doesn’t produce any sounds. It communicates with the custom airpiano software on your pc or mac. The software can send MIDI and Open Sound Control (OSC) messages to other software or hardware. When you trigger a key or a fader in the air, the software registers your actions and sends messages out accordingly. You can create numerous arrangement presets combining keys and faders, assigned with different properties and message types.



Here are the main software features:

* Create and save arrangement presets
* Assign keys and faders with MIDI messages (OSC messages are sent automatically)
* Assign keys with preset-load messages (allows loading presets directly from the device)
* Set momentary button functionality
* Set pedal / foot switch functionality (MIDI CC , Global Velocity or Preset Loader)



System Requirements

* Mac OS X or Windows PC
* USB 2.0 port